Membership Information

Organizations eligible for ACWA membership include:

  1. Municipal Members — Municipal corporations, including special districts that provide wastewater treatment and/or stormwater management services to their communities.

  2. Associate Members —Consulting and engineering firms that provide engineering, financial, legal or contract operation services to municipal members.  Firms must be currently providing these services to an existing ACWA member, or have provided those services in the past 12 months.

Benefits of membership include:

  • Routine updates on regulatory changes affecting stormwater and wastewater management facilities
  • ACWA quarterly newsletter
  • ACWA training programs such as workshops on key issues and the Annual Summer Conference
  • Participation on ACWA Committees to hear technical presentations, collaborate with others on specific initiatives
  • Immediate network of peers often working on similar issues for idea sharing and pooling resources

ACWA membership is open to Oregon utilities and special districts providing stormwater management or wastewater treatment services. Associate membership is open to consulting, engineering, contract operation, consulting or law firms providing services to our members. For associate members to be eligible for membership, the firm needs to be providing, or have provided in the past 12 months, engineering, financial, legal or contract operation services to an existing ACWA member.

Dues are assessed on a sliding scale, based on the agency treatment plant size, stormwater-only services, or number of water quality professionals in Oregon for associate members. Download our membership application. When applying for membership, please send the completed application, with your check, to the ACWA office.

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